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Company registration

We are engaged in the registration of forex companies in different countries. We help to open accounts in banks and make payment systems connected to receive funds of traders.

We divide the countries into three jurisdictions:


The most suitable option for the new business. It is the most popular option in the world today.

Unregulated jurisdictions are the countries where there is no regulatory and legal framework to control the activities of Forex companies.

Registration of a new company takes 2-3 weeks without personal presence. There are no requirements for the authorized capital, and it requires a minimum package of documents for the future owners.

Jurisdiction: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The registration fee is up to 2000 USD.


The countries where there is a regulation of Forex services and low requirements for doing business.

Jurisdiction: Malaysia, Seychelles, Belize, BVI.

In these countries, it requires the authorized capital and the personal presence during the interview with the regulator.

Registration period is for 3 months.


The most expensive option. It is suitable only for large companies operating in the market for several years.

Regulated are the EU countries where there is a regulator and legal framework to control the activities of Forex companies. Mifid standards are used there.

MiFID is a Directive of the European Union from 2008, it describes the standards and requirements of financial companies.

For example, one of the requirements is the presence of the authorized capital of 125 000 EUR for the STP brokers (A-book) and 730 000 EUR for Market Makers (B-book). Also, there are various requirements.

Jurisdiction: Cyprus, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom

Registration period is for 6 months.

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