Who is a crypto-dealer?

The crypto-dealer organizes trading on the cryptocurrency market. He provides trading terminal for traders, where they can make cryptocurrency transactions. The dealer earns more than crypto-exchange due to the dealing and clients’ sales positions management.

Crypto-business development is easier and cheaper than crypto-exchange one. You get a ready-made technical solution. There is no need to spend big budgets on the development.

We offer

The UTIP world trading platform

The full set of programs to organize cryptocurrencies trading. The data feeds on 6 the most popular cryptocurrencies have been already plugged in the platform. Cryptocurrency is traded both on weekdays and on weekends.

Functional Trader’s Room

The trader can quickly open live accounts and deposit money, review the trading and deposit operations history, follow the dealer’s special offers and contact the technical support.


The popular PSP’s are integrated into Trader’s Room to deposit money from traders. Money deposit in cryptocurrencies is also possible.

Modern website

The unique website with the individual design. The website adapts to various devices, contains animation and useful web services: economic calendar, quotes, last news.

Legal services

Business registration in the best jurisdiction. Without any need to have an authorized capital, to prepare financial reporting and to obtain a license.


The recommended budget for the crypto-dealer development is from 15 000 USD

Service Costs
Business registration from 2000 USD
Website from 900 USD
Software from 9000 USD
Clients attraction from 3000 USD

Monthly costs

Small crypto-business monthly costs are from  1 000 USD. The price includes a payment for technical support. 0% from profit. All profit is yours.

Business development steps


More than 150 clients
all over the world

Partners reviews

We work with the NewBroker specialists for more than 6 years. We often appeal to their help in registering new brokerages and opening bank accounts. Everything is done correctly and efficiently.

We provide our UTIP trading platform and other software for the NewBroker clients in return. We hope for further cooperation and relationship development.

Evgeniy Sharin UTIP Technologies CEO


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